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Declaration of Animal Rights


The Universal Declaration for Animal Rights, co-written by LFDA, was solemnly proclaimed on 15 October 1978 at UNESCO house in Paris. Forty years later, LFDA’s board has updated the text, which has been validated by the members of LFDA’s honorary committee. The aim of this declaration is to be widely supported by politicians, non-governmental organisations and citizens in order to foster a transcript of its articles in the positive law.

Broadly, the aim of the Declaration is to recognise rights to animals.

Declaration of animal rights (2018)

Article 1

The normal habitat of animals living in freedom should be preserved so that they can live and evolve according to their needs and that the survival of species is not endangered.

Article 2

Any animal belonging to a species the sentience of which has been established by science has the right to the respect of this sentience.

Article 3

The physiological and behavioural wellbeing of sentient animals placed in the custody of man should be ensured by the persons in charge of this custody.

Article 4

All acts of cruelty are prohibited.
All acts inflicting without necessity pain, suffering and anxiety to an animal are prohibited.

Article 5

Killing without justification an animal is prohibited. If the killing of an animal is justified, it should be instantaneous, painless and should not provoke anxiety.

Article 6

No genetic engineering or selection should put in jeopardy the wellbeing or the capability of wellbeing of an animal.

Article 7

Governments shall ensure that education leads to the respect of the present declaration.

Article 8

The present declaration shall be enforced through international treaties and laws and regulations of all States or communities of States.

Find here (in French) the original Universal Declaration for Animal Rights (1978)